Immanuel Episcopal Church on the Green – New Castle, Delaware


historical church delawareImmanuel Episcopal Church on the Green – New Castle, Delaware

This church was built in 1703 and was the first church of England Parish in the colony of Delaware.  Wander through the graveyard and you will see many of the graves date from the 18th century.  You can also see a number of Revolutionary War veterans buried there and one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.

Queen Anne (1665-1714) gave the church a silver communion service.

Although the building at the site is not old, it is built on the site where Anglicans have been worshipping for over 300 years.  Anglicans were in the minority in the colony.  It was heavily settled by Anabaptists, Presbyterians, and Quakers.

During the American Revolution the church struggled since it was the official state church of England.  It had to find its roll in the future of a new country once the division of England and the United States split.  Many of the members questioned its legitimacy and whether it should continue to exist.

During the 18th century the church building had become dilapidated to the point where it was dangerous to be inside.  The rector of the time loaned the parish $1,600 to perform repairs on the church.

In 1820 the membership decided to invest heavily in improvement of the church building.  They added a bell tower and an extension of the transepts (this is the part of a cruciform church that crosses at right angles to the greatest length between the nave and the apse or choir).

In the 1850’s the interior was changed to suit Victorian tastes and then altered again around 1900 with Colonial Revival architectural features.

In 1980 the church was heavily damaged in a fire.  The church was rebuilt in its 1820 design, with modifications to the sanctuary to accommodate modern needs.

Location: The Strand and Harmony Streets, New Castle, Delaware 19720

Phone: 302-328-2413

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